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In this regard, noting that the Maltese government has applied the protocol to provide for mandatory quarantine for all travellers coming from the regions of Northern Italy, and ascertained that several airlines have already cancelled most flights from Italy to the Island of Malta, we regretfully inform you that we took what we believe to be the most sensible decision by postponing The Poker One by Stanleybet — 5th Edition, which was scheduled to take place in Malta from 25 to 29 March Moreover, considering the choice given by the airlines, to change the dates of booked flights that have been cancelled due to the COVID emergency, in the interest of all our partners and customers, we have already established the new dates for the event: The Poker One by Stanleybet — 5th Edition, will be held at Portomaso Casino from Wednesday 2nd to Sunday 6th September We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding. The Magellan Robotech stand at ICE will occupy an area of square meters while the exhibition area, including the lounge, will be square meters. Led strips on the floor will define the different areas. The VIRTUAL Trident, multi-nominated in numerous awards for the best product in the sector inwill be exhibited both in the retail and online desktop-mobile versions. There will also be two stations dedicated to hardware, the MBKs, self-service terminals produced entirely by the company on which it will be possible to see how the machine works with the entire range of Magellan products. The success of our products in the fairs we have attended in recent months London, Johannesburg, Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Sofia, Buenos Aires, Malta — continues Maglia — is proof of the fact that we are moving in the best way to achieve our goal which is to become a point of reference for operators in the sector, an obligatory stop for those who want to have unique and exclusive products.

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